History of Stellenbosch

History of Stellenbosch

Simon van der Stell is the Dutch Governor responsible for giving Stellenbosch its name. He established a small community close to the Eerste River intending to populate Cape Towns Surrounds. Stellenbosch quickly developed into one of the main provisional sources for Cape Town and its harbour. After the attempt to cultivate oaks for the construction of ships failed, the wine trade was begun with great success!

In 1685 the fast growing populace of Stellenbosch established itself as a location of juridical influence, starting the most well known juristic faculty of South Africa. The Cape Winelands such as: Alto, Beyerskloof, Boschendal, Dornier, Eikestad, Gleur du Cap, Meerlust, Simonsig, and Spier, stand in competition to the world’s biggest, producing wines. Simultaneously, the smaller, very passionate wine producers add to the variation and quality in wine produce over all. A multitude of exquisite wine farmers have dedicated themselves to the chemistry-free wine cultivation, called the “slow-wine”, being a particular delicacy.

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