Stellenbosch History and Climate

Geography of Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is situated about 50km in eastern direction away from Cape Town next to Elsies river – 114m above sea level. Following the land revisions act in 2002, locations such as Franschhoek, Pniel, Ida’s Valley, Cloetesville and the township Kayamandi, were added as part of the city. Mountains, bearing fertile valleys and fields, encircle the surrounding lands. As well as being agriculturally important it counts as the most important wine area of South Africa. 10km away in northerly direction you will find the N1 highway.



Stellenbosch’s weather is similar to that in Cape Town, bearing less of an influence from the temperate ocean. Hence the summer temperature will exceed Cape Towns by a good 2°C. Climate as well as soil of wine lands around Stellenbosch are favourable to the cultivation of wine, making Keren’s Vine Guesthouse an ideal accommodation for wine-lovers and experts. Enjoy the sunrise in the wine lands after a restful night at Keren’s Vine Guesthouse.

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